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Clinical Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision?
“Supervision" means a formalized professional relationship between a supervisor and supervisee in which the supervisor directs, monitors, and evaluates the supervisee's social work practice while promoting development of the supervisee's knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide social work services in an ethical and competent manner.

"Supervision training" means a course or program designed to provide information regarding the supervision process utilized by social workers in a variety of settings as set forth in Regulation .04B(1)”

Individual Supervision-Offered as one-on-one in person or video, currently the most popular type of clinical supervision. In this, you as the supervisee meets individually, usually once per week but perhaps pro-rated to every other week or once per month if you are working less than full-time.

Don’t want one on one supervision? No problem. I also offer supervision in a group format. 

Group supervision is great for those who want to learn from their peers. Benefits of group supervision include the following:

•    Enhance your clinical skills.
•    Engage in topics of interest.
•    Explore various case studies.
•    Learn from a variety of viewpoints.

I also offer supervision for trained therapists seeking consultation, peer support, and additional professional development opportunities.


We understand that it is not easy to be a clinician. We understand that there is a lot of pressure on you to perform well, sometimes at the expense of your mental health. That's why we are here for you.

At Ask The Clinician, the goal of our consulting service is to provide the clinician with support, guidance, and provide resources to be successful in maintaining private practice ethics and policies. While working at an agency or organization also assuring all ethics and policies are maintained. 

Test Preparation

We provide one-on-one tutoring sessions for bachelors, masters level clinicians who are studying to pass the ASWB exam. Whether you are a new test taker or have failed the ASWB exam, we are here to help you pass.

Success Stories

"Mrs. Chaney is an asset to the field of Social Work. Because of Mrs. Chaney I have learned to be more organized which I have taken with me 10+ years after I was supervised by her. Mrs. Chaney has the gift of engaging both her clients, those she has supervised, her employers, and her coworkers."

"Hands down, Cassandra is a distinct therapist who's highly compatible with people (of action) aligned with achieving better life outcomes."

"Mrs. Cassandra is amazing, dedicated, and attentive. She is focused on my well-being and me becoming a better version of myself. She keeps me motivated and focused. Thank you for just being you!"

- R. Mercado

- T. Beckett

- J. Logan

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